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[person name="Adam D. Sparrow" picture="http://tooneat.com/v2/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/our-office.jpg" title="Developer" linkedin="http://linkedin.com" google="http://google.com" twitter="http://twitter.com" facebook="http://facebook.com" email="mailto:adam@tooneat.com"]

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[title size="2"]Who Am I ?[/title]

I am a 34-year-old Web Developer who has grown up with the Internet. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems from Bentley University, just outside of Boston, in Waltham, MA. Earlier in my career I worked for Suffolk University, as a CMS Administrator, on the design and maintenance of their website. I have also worked for a number of years as a Contractor and Independent Web Developer. If you are looking for a creative, knowledgeable, meticulous, and understanding Web Developer, you’ve found one in me!


[title size="2"]My Services[/title]
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[content_box title="Beautifully Simplistic" icon="eye"]
My website designs are not only beautiful, but are clean and simple as well.
[content_box title="Fully Responsive" icon="fa-expand"]
No matter the size of the screen or device, your new website will always look fantastic.
[content_box title="Dedicated Support" icon="mobile"]
My availability to discuss your custom website is second to none.
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[content_box title="Website Redesign" icon="wrench"]
A professionally redesigned website will generate excitement from your customers.
[content_box title="Content Management" icon="wordpress"]
I can also provide timely updates and modifications, for even the most demanding of clients.
[content_box title="Graphic Design" icon="pencil"]
Lets bring your vision to life with a custom logo and some slick graphics.

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[title size="2"]My Skills[/title]
[progress percentage="100" striped="yes" animated_stripes="yes"]WordPress[/progress]
[progress percentage="95" striped="yes" animated_stripes="yes"]HTML[/progress]
[progress percentage="90" striped="yes" animated_stripes="yes"]CSS[/progress]
[progress percentage="85" striped="yes" animated_stripes="yes"]jQuery[/progress]
[progress percentage="90" striped="yes" animated_stripes="yes"]PHP[/progress]
[progress percentage="95" striped="yes" animated_stripes="yes"]Photoshop[/progress]
[progress percentage="90" striped="yes" animated_stripes="yes"]Illustrator[/progress]
[progress percentage="95" striped="yes" animated_stripes="yes"]Dreamweaver[/progress]